Wikus & Liesl’s


Fairytales usually start with “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…” However, this fairytale did not take place once upon a time, nor in a land far, far away. This fairytale is happening right here, right now. Wikus and Liesl’s fairytale began when they first met and theirs is the relationship just gets better after “happily ever after”. Today, on their wedding day, they enter new chapters in their fairytale.  Here; on this beautiful day, we would be witnesses to one of their most precious moments.

Wikus and Liesl met at a social gathering where Wikus was meant to be introduced to Liesl’s friend, and it was in the first thirty minutes together that they knew there was something special brewing between them. Their first official date was at Café Kima. After that, dates became a weekly thing.

After five beautiful years as a couple, Wikus decided it was time. He took her on a helicopter ride. (Wikus made Liesl believe this trip was a birthday present to himself – what a mastermind!) While they were in the air, the pilot flew over a beach, and on the beach was a big red heart with the words “Will you marry me?” At first, Liesl didn’t think the message on the beach was for her. But when she turned to look at Wikus, there he was sitting with a ring in his hand. Liesl was so shocked that he had to ask her three more times before she responded with a great big “YES”!

We had the most beautiful time with these two at their wedding. Scroll down to get a glimpse of their special day!