Leon & Charika’s


Love. True love. The love we would cross oceans for, walk many horizons for, and kiss many frogs for. This love seeks you out and won’t stop until it finds you and changes you into a flower-bearing man, a coffee caring wife, and a romance novel lover.

Leon and Charika’s relationship is pretty much the definition of true love. Laughter and joy fill the atmosphere when you find yourself in their presence. And they have vowed their love before God and become one.

Leon and Charika met in the heart of the Free State in a very small town called Ficksburg. At that time they started high school together (yes, this is a high school romance type of story). Their first date was at the local Wimpy. It was the first of many. Leon was the one who made the first move, but Charika was the one who had the first crush.