Gladwin & Daniella’s Wedding

Think romance movies and flower bouquets. Think love at first kiss and long walks on the beach. Think Daniella and Gladwin.  If there is a couple who define romance, it would be these two – not only are they romantics, but they have a sense of humour too.

Daniella and Gladwin were both University students when her roommate introduced her to Gladwin. Gladwin then later asked Daniella’s cell phone number from her roommate. They started talking telephonically and arranged their first date. They went for an afternoon walk on the beautiful campus of the University of the Free-state. They talked for hours that day just getting to know each other.

Not long after they started seeing each other, Daniella’s grandfather passed away. Although Gladwin was busy with preparations for Test Week, Gladwin’s support during this time showed Daniella that he was committed to her. This is why she said yes, when he asked her to be his girlfriend 2 months after seeing each other exclusively.