Who is Impact Media?

You might have noticed a new name floating around social media. So, to clear up any confusion between Impact Media and Impact Studio, we thought we’d help you separate the whos from the whats.

It all started with a dream…

Eight years ago, Janice Gutsche followed her passion and started Impact Studio, aimed at delivering professional wedding and family photos with a personal touch. Within two years, the business was so successful that Janice hired a second photographer to help with the workload. Soon, Impact Studio decided to expand their skill set and passion to Social Media, Graphic Design and Websites. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Janice assembled an über-team to provide the best services possible.

Now, as branding and public perception would have it, Impact Studio had firmly established itself as a bespoke wedding and photography studio, while we really provided much, much more.

So we brewed some coffee, formed a circle and started brainstorming: How can we let people know what we’re truly capable of? The answer was quite clear – protect the established brand of Impact Studio and place all our corporate services under a new banner … Impact Media!

Why Impact Media? Because Media entails anything that has to do with communication technology: where ever you are, Media is there – on your phone, your TV, your laptop, those billboards and posters you pass by … THAT’S what we do! We’re your one-stop bespoke provider for all things Media. That includes Videography, Webhosting and Design, Graphic Design, Packaging, Signage, Product Photography, Social Media, etc., etc., etc.! We’re also well-connected across the country, so – even if we don’t do it in-house – we know a guy who’ll deliver on time and within budget.

But these alone won’t help your business cut through the clutter – you need an understanding of your target audience and how best to communicate with them (e.g. a striking poster is pointless if it’s advertising arts and crafts in an industrial area). You need to know the market and talk their talk. And, yes, we do that. Impact Media understands that each business is unique and one-size-fits-all marketing solutions rarely work. So, the first thing we do is sit down with you and LISTEN to what you need to communicate with potential clients and customers.

And the best part is: we’re experienced enough to deliver, yet small enough to give you the attention you deserve! We’re in this for the long haul, driven by passion, relationships and creative solutions.

We even made a pretty video that gives you an idea of who we are and what we’re doing.

Take the next step to ramp up your company’s brand to the next level.

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