Gladwin & Daniella

Gladwin & Daniella's Wedding Think romance movies and flower bouquets. Think love at first kiss and long walks on the beach. Think Daniella and Gladwin.  If there is a couple who define romance, it would be these two - not only are they romantics, but they have a sense of humour too. Daniella [...]


Mark & Jaqui

Mark & Jaqui's Wedding     Mark and Jacqui have a love story that started slowly at work as colleagues and blossomed into love and marriage. Mark and Jacqui met at work where Mark was Jacqui’s manager on her first job as an article clerk. The couple never really spoke for the first [...]


Waldo & Steph-Mari

Waldo & Steph-Mari's Wedding   Waldo and Stephmari’s love began as first year students in University, Waldo signed a cricket contract with the Free State and Stephmari pursued her 'professional dream'. For two years they were just friends…enjoying meaningful conversations, PlayStation games, bond parties, interns with co-students, rugby games, attending church services and [...]


Lorenzo & Janice

Lorenzo & Janice's Wedding   The music started playing and there she was, dressed in white, looking breath-taking. Lorenzo’s eyes landed on his perfect wife and a smile lit up his face. In that moment, everything was perfect. As Janice and Lorenzo vowed their love to each other, we knew that this would [...]


Wikus & Liesl

Wikus & Liesl's Wedding Fairytales usually start with "Once upon a time, in a land far, far away..." However, this fairytale did not take place once upon a time, nor in a land far, far away. This fairytale is happening right here, right now. Wikus and Liesl's fairytale began when they first met [...]


Leon & Charika

Leon & Charika's Wedding Love. True love. The love we would cross oceans for, walk many horizons for, and kiss many frogs for. This love seeks you out and won't stop until it finds you and changes you into a flower-bearing man, a coffee caring wife, and a romance novel lover. Leon and [...]