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Janice Gutsche

Hi, my name is Janice Gutsche and I am the owner of Impact Studio.
The business started as a photography hobby of mine 7 years ago,
and has grown to the point where we now need more space and a bit of
repositioning since we have added to the team.

Our services have expanded and soon you’ ll be able to see our new website and creative space.
The Team and I look forward to meeting and assisting you with your photography, design and marketing needs.
We are a creative bunch and passionate about what we do at Impact!


Our first love. There is so much inside a photograph. Memories, beauty, inspiration, emotions, the moments between loved ones.   Even more can be told with one image – ideas, stories, perceptions, identity, motivation, unlocking emotions. The strong meaning of an image stimulates a person to feel drawn to a product. We take pride in the excellence of our photography.


You can instill a sense of trust in your target audience with excellent, professional design.  A creative & strong brand will ensure that your clients remember you. We use professional graphic design as a vehicle to tell your unique story, from concept to delivery. Logos, stationery, signage, packaging, web design and other digital media.


We have a passion for marketing.  With a professional design, photography & videography as well as branding skills in our team, we have a world of possibilities at our fingertips. Keep ahead of your competitors with relevant, intelligent marketing! Ride in the quality of our workmanship. Allow us to bring your brand story to life and widen your horizons and reach with Social Media Marketing.

        Contact us at:     OR    042 291 0889